Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have been meaning to start this Observer's Journal. So much is gained by just observing the environment and have passion for the way that these dimensions work together to provide such amazement. On and off I have been talking about Fractals, God's math for the the visually impaired, it's everywhere but yet no one sees it. It sings out to us in the trees, grass, and flowers, rock formations, in our hands and veins. It reaches up to touch the dwarf stars rays that turns the sky blue and the clouds white. The light makes it sing everywhere with a unified song this is the key.

This interwoven fabric of life, all that holds us together is the key to matter itself.
I have been nearly blind all my life, but that impressionistic world gave me not the sharpness and clarity but the ability to see the unfocused watercolor views.

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