Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have not posted anything here in some time but wanted to start again one thing that I found profoundly moving today was a piece I was reading on Charles Moore a photographer that captured some of the most outrageous scenes in the 1960's struggle for liberty, justice, and equality, and all the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.

As time goes by there will not be many people that remember those days, lets hope that it remains for the best and not the worst, and those people that are able to capture and record history serve to remind us the chaos we created for ourselves with our bigotry, ignorance and arrogance that still has such deep impact on America today. So many people have died both white and black in this struggle and this was 20 years after World War II when you thought we would have learned what horrors bigotry can bring on the world. I looked at the photos published today on NPR by Charles Moore and the pictures speak for themselves but I still fear that those viewing them will not have some disdain for hatred.